Friday, October 31, 2008

My Random Friday Post

Here are a couple pumpkins I found on the web. I didn't do these folks, just thought they were cool!

Poor baby pumpkin.

This morning I had to make a quick trip to the neighboring town for an over due errand. I don't listen to the radio much. I did get to hear this gem from the late 80s when I happened to be listening in the car. Oh my. Wonder what these guys were thinking when they made this video. Wonder where these guys are now! I'll give you a buck if you can listen/watch the whole thing! Ha!
This is a custom order that I have been obsessing over for the past couple weeks. FINALLY, I got it right and sent it off this week to the most patient woman there ever was. All you Twilighters out there, do you know what it means?
Of course I poured resin this morning. Hardly a day goes by that I don't. Crazy crafter lady, I am! Keep an eye on my shop to see what comes of this bright blue tinted resin.

This is a goofy photo of me today, wearing a simple necklace that I love. It was a freebie! Yep, FREE from a wonderful Etsy seller that I ordered something else from. She took the time to notice that my name started with a J and added it to my order. Made my day for sure. It's totally my style, simple. I love the personal touch that so many Etsy-ers give their packages. Keeps me ordering over and over!

Here is another 80s song that you can't help like. I'm trying to make up for that one up there! Ha. This song was released in 79 but the video HAD to be made in the 80s. Beyond catchy. I'm not a huge fan of 80s music, but there are some songs you just can't NOT embrace. Rock out today and pretend your wearing a shiny silver suit while playing a keyboard.

Candy, candy, and more candy! Here is a shot of our candy bucket. Man, I hope we get plenty of trick-or-treaters!

Don't fret, we will be giving out non teeth rotting treats as well.
I'll be trick-or-treating our extremely family friendly neighborhood with Batman and Spiderman tonight. I'll have the protection of not one but two super heros. Happy Halloween to all of ya!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Crayons "How To"

Here is a "how to" for a little crafty project my 4 year old(Maveric) and I did yesterday. We'll be adding these to the Halloween party goodie bags for his pre-school class.
Here is my beautiful assistant.
A silicone pan that I picked up at Target. These are perfect for this project. They come in different shapes that would all make rockin' crayons. This one cost around ten bucks. You may be able to find them cheaper especially when they put seasonal items on clearance. Once you use it for making crayons I wouldn't use it for anything else.
A bunch of broken, old, sad crayons. Crayola brand works the best. If you go with a crayon that has more wax than color your crayons won't make pretty bright marks. Make sure all the paper is off. Break them into small pieces if they aren't already.
Pre heat your oven to 200 degrees.
I lined a cookie sheet with foil to protect it from any spillage. Placed my silicone pumpkin pan on that. Then filled each one with the broken crayons. Paying attention to a good mix of light to dark crayons. That way you'll get a colorful crayon that will make groovy colors. I filled them about half way.
Slide it all in the oven. Wait, and wait some more. Watch for the crayons to melt. Let them get all liquid-ey. Mine took 20 to 30 minutes.

Here they are fresh out of the oven.
Let them cool completely. I have seen some recommend putting them in the freezer to speed up the cooling process. They tend to cool off to quickly that way and crack. Just set them on the counter and be patient. Also, be careful! I'm sure that wax is pretty darn hot. Tell the kiddies to step back and watch from afar!
Once cooled, gently pop them out of the molds. The great thing about the silicone pan is it's flexible and allows you to push them out from the back side.
Here is the finished product.
A close up of the finished product.

I put them in little clear plastic bags with a ribbon at the top. I'll add these in with all the other cool goodies we picked up for Mav's class. We'll see if the 4 year old set is impressed.
Bad news at the Smilemonster's house. Mav is sick. :( Fear not, all this hard work will not go to waste. I'll be taking these by the pre-school so we can share, even if he can't be there.
Have fun!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun With Pumpkins

I seriously can't remember a time when I haven't carved a pumpkin for Halloween. My dad was/is the pumpkin carving master. Of course we did the old fashioned kind with triangle eyes. Our little family did our pumpkin carving last night.

Watch out for men with big knives.
Ewwww pumpkin guts. We couldn't talk them into reaching in and grabbing a handful.
Hannah gave her pumpkin the necessary de-gutting.
It's finally fall weather in Texas. Yay! We have a fireplace on our patio and use the heck out of it in the fall/winter. Love, love, love sitting by the fire in the evenings. What is better than that?
The result of all Dad's hard work.
The result of all Hannah's hard work.
Later today I'll be getting together little Halloween goodie packages for my 4 year old's pre-school class. Of course I'll be including a couple age appropriate hand made items. I'll share later. May even turn it into a short "how to".
I also have resin all over the place! I have several pieces that I have to get sanded and polished, then listed on Etsy. Busy day ahead. I must get out of this computer chair.
Happy Wednesday to all. What are you up to today?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I love..............

I love where I live. It took awhile, about a year to be exact. I appreciate everything about this place now. I don't really see us ever living anywhere else. I took this photo on Sunday when I chose to take the long winding way to town.

I love this song. Because when your oatmeal's lumpy and your socks are bumpy what's a poor kid to do?

I love this poem that is older than me by a long shot. Evolution

When you were a tadpole and I was a fish
In the Paleozoic time,
And side by side on the ebbing tide
We sprawled through the ooze and slime,
Or skittered with many a caudal flip
Through the depths of the Cambrian fen,
My heart was rife with the joy of life,
For I loved you even then.
Mindless we lived and mindless we loved
And mindless at last we died;
And deep in the rift of the Caradoc drift
We slumbered side by side.
The world turned on in the lathe of time,
The hot lands heaved amain,
Till we caught our breath from the womb of death
And crept into light again.
We were amphibians, scaled and tailed,
And drab as a dead man's hand;
We coiled at ease 'neath the dripping trees
Or trailed through the mud and sand.
Croaking and blind, with our three-clawed feet
Writing a language dumb,
With never a spark in the empty dark
To hint at a life to come.
Yet happy we lived and happy we loved,
And happy we died once more;
Our forms were rolled in the clinging mold
Of a Neocomian shore.
The eons came and the eons fled
And the sleep that wrapped us fast
Was riven away in a newer day
And the night of death was past.
Then light and swift through the jungle trees
We swung in our airy flights,
Or breathed in the balms of the fronded palms
In the hush of the moonless nights;
And, oh! what beautiful years were there
When our hearts clung each to each;
When life was filled and our senses thrilled
In the first faint dawn of speech.
Thus life by life and love by love
We passed through the cycles strange,
And breath by breath and death by death
We followed the chain of change.
Till there came a time in the law of life
When over the nursing side
The shadows broke and soul awoke
In a strange, dim dream of God.
I was thewed like an Auruch bull
And tusked like the great cave bear;
And you, my sweet, from head to feet
Were gowned in your glorious hair.
Deep in the gloom of a fireless cave,
When the night fell o'er the plain
And the moon hung red o'er the river bed
We mumbled the bones of the slain.
I flaked a flint to a cutting edge
And shaped it with brutish craft;
I broke a shank from the woodland lank
And fitted it, head and haft;
Then I hid me close to the reedy tarn,
Where the mammoth came to drink;
Through the brawn and bone I drove the stone
And slew him upon the brink.
Loud I howled through the moonlit wastes,
Loud answered our kith and kin;
From west and east to the crimson feast
The clan came tramping in.
O'er joint and gristle and padded hoof
We fought and clawed and tore,
And check by jowl with many a growl
We talked the marvel o'er.
I carved that fight on a reindeer bone
With rude and hairy hand;
I pictured his fall on the cavern wall
That men might understand.
For we lived by blood and the right of might
Ere human laws were drawn,
And the age of sin did not begin
Till our brutal tush were gone.
And that was a million years ago
In a time that no man knows;
Yet here tonight in the mellow light
We sit at Delmonico's.
Your eyes are deep as the Devon springs,
Your hair is dark as jet,
Your years are few, your life is new,
Your soul untried, and yet -
Our trail is on the Kimmeridge clay
And the scarp of the Purbeck flags;
We have left our bones in the Bagshot stones
And deep in the Coralline crags;
Our love is old, our lives are old,
And death shall come amain;
Should it come today, what man may say
We shall not live again?
God wrought our souls from the Tremadoc beds
And furnished them wings to fly;
We sowed our spawn in the world's dim dawn,
And I know that it shall not die,
Though cities have sprung above the graves
Where the crook-bone men make war
And the oxwain creaks o'er the buried caves
Where the mummied mammoths are.
Then as we linger at luncheon here
O'er many a dainty dish,
Let us drink anew to the time when you
Were a tadpole and I was a fish.
-- Langdon Smith

I love this band. Their music makes me sing like no body's business. Believe me, I have no business singing. They put on a live show this is high energy and everything I love about a rock band. Good music with out lots of distractions going on on stage. Unspoiled by everyone in the entire world knowing who they are.

I love this new piece of resin goodness that I completed today. Clear and white resin swirled in a rose shape.

Last but not least I love this one too. A resin star of mostly white and a little black. It rocks. I just listed it in my shop with a few others.

Tell me what you love. I want to hear all about it.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Dryer vent pumpkin "how to"

Here we go.............

You will need a dryer vent. I picked this one up at WalMart for around 8 bucks. This one is five feet. They make them if different lengths. Cheap spray paint, a primer and orange.
One willing helper.

Sticks and leaves from the yard. Your going to be using the sticks as pumpkin stems so find some interesting ones.
I cut my vent in half to make two pumpkins. If your vent is shorter you don't have to cut it. You'll need some wire cutters, since it's like a slinky covered in foil.

Next, bring the ends of your vent together to make a giant foil donut. I tried two ways to hold them together. This one I "stitched" together with wire. The other I used a good bead of super glue and held it together with a couple clothes pins until dry. Both ways work. I think I like the glue method better. It's easier and the seam in almost invisible.

Prime your foil donut. Really you could stop here and not paint it at all. You would then have space age pumpkins of the future.

I let my primer dry for about an hour. Then coat with your orange spray paint. I just went to town spraying. Really, the more globby your paint the more realistic your fake pumpkin looks. Mine took two coats. I then let it dry over night. Go relax and read a good book. I just started Host by Stephenie Meyer.

Okie dokie, next day I am going to grunge it up with some brown paint. You could skip this too if you wanted. Everything is better with grunge though. Regular brown craft paint, a damp paper towel, and I use a paper plate to squirt my paint on.

Looks gross but it's just brown paint on a damp paper towel, really. Go at your pumpkin with your brown paint. Dab, dab, away until your happy. Your could go a step further and spatter your pumpkin as well. Some spatters with brown and even black would be groovy.
Here is my pumpkin with it's brown grunge.

These are the sticks and leaves I gathered with my helper. Okay, these are fake leaves. I don't have pretty fall leaves in my yard. I have to fake it.

Stick your stick in the center. My vents were tight enough in the center that I didn't use any glue here. A good glob of hot glue would be good here if you needed it. I then glued on my leaves. Just stick them on until your happy with the look.
Here is a photo of my completed pumpkins with a few fake leaves thrown around for the heck of it.
Have fun! Even though the week of Halloween is upon us these could be left out through Thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poke your name

Something to do when you have nothing to do.............

Poke your name

My full name is rather unpopular so this was fun for a minute.

JOLYNN is the most popular name in USA (... 9859.eliz , 9860.farokh , 9861.jolynn , 9862.masih , 9863.gruber ...). One in every 140,441 Americans are named as JOLYNN and popularity of name JOLYNN is 7.12 people per million.
If we compare the popularity statistics of JOLYNN to USA's population statistics, we can estimate that as of October.26.2008 11:09 there are 2,174 people named as JOLYNN in the United States and the number of JOLYNN's are increasing by 19 people every year.

My name as a bar code:

Check it out for other random facts about your name.

I'm off for a craft supply run this morning. I hope to put all those supplies to good use this afternoon.

Happy Sunday to all.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Syrup and art

I love weekends. I'm home every day of the week but the weekend just has a different vibe. This is how my Saturday went............

My 4 year old has recently gotten into "art". This morning he decided to do "art" before breakfast. A Christmas picture with syrup.
After lots of messing around on the computer this morning I had a long over due appointment with my super hair stylist. This is me after my visit with her, happy with refreshed hair. Christine the hair stylist rocks my socks.

A day out like this deserves a treat from every one's favorite over priced refreshment stand.

Another treat, the Good Will store. I came out empty handed though. The Good Will was hoppin' today. Really, if the check out line hadn't been 7 people deep I might have walked out with a few items but it just wasn't worth it.

It was such a nice afternoon the boys and I spent some time in the back yard finding all kinds of neat-o things. Like this,

and this,

and this. The rocks around here are like formations from the bottom of a pond. So I guess at one point our yard was under water?

Here is a sneak peak at my next "how to" crafty thing. What do you think it is?
Lastly, my photoshop tutor, Hannah just gave me a lesson on how to make my photo's corners rounded. Nifty fo sho.
I hope everyone had a super Saturday. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

I've been shopping again

Here are a few items I bought this week from fantastical Etsy shops. I really love shopping on Etsy. When my package comes in the mail it's like Christmas even though I know what's in the box! It gives me a little thrill.

I love this shirt! I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. I dig this dudes shop. Yep, a Etsy male. Go check out CubistLiterature to see what the french saying on this shirt translates to.

Soapy, soap, soap from a favorite soaper. LaveMeSoapCo has turned me on to handmade soap. It's such a treat. My manly husband even loves this pumpkin apple butter goodness. I have talked about her before so I'll shut up about the soap.

This is a a thermostat cover. I love all things grungy and I love this! The bottom is open for circulation, the door flips open for messing with the thermostat. I have splashes of red around the house and this is going to look super while covering the ugly thermostat. CreekSideCountry

What did you buy this week?