Monday, October 27, 2008

Dryer vent pumpkin "how to"

Here we go.............

You will need a dryer vent. I picked this one up at WalMart for around 8 bucks. This one is five feet. They make them if different lengths. Cheap spray paint, a primer and orange.
One willing helper.

Sticks and leaves from the yard. Your going to be using the sticks as pumpkin stems so find some interesting ones.
I cut my vent in half to make two pumpkins. If your vent is shorter you don't have to cut it. You'll need some wire cutters, since it's like a slinky covered in foil.

Next, bring the ends of your vent together to make a giant foil donut. I tried two ways to hold them together. This one I "stitched" together with wire. The other I used a good bead of super glue and held it together with a couple clothes pins until dry. Both ways work. I think I like the glue method better. It's easier and the seam in almost invisible.

Prime your foil donut. Really you could stop here and not paint it at all. You would then have space age pumpkins of the future.

I let my primer dry for about an hour. Then coat with your orange spray paint. I just went to town spraying. Really, the more globby your paint the more realistic your fake pumpkin looks. Mine took two coats. I then let it dry over night. Go relax and read a good book. I just started Host by Stephenie Meyer.

Okie dokie, next day I am going to grunge it up with some brown paint. You could skip this too if you wanted. Everything is better with grunge though. Regular brown craft paint, a damp paper towel, and I use a paper plate to squirt my paint on.

Looks gross but it's just brown paint on a damp paper towel, really. Go at your pumpkin with your brown paint. Dab, dab, away until your happy. Your could go a step further and spatter your pumpkin as well. Some spatters with brown and even black would be groovy.
Here is my pumpkin with it's brown grunge.

These are the sticks and leaves I gathered with my helper. Okay, these are fake leaves. I don't have pretty fall leaves in my yard. I have to fake it.

Stick your stick in the center. My vents were tight enough in the center that I didn't use any glue here. A good glob of hot glue would be good here if you needed it. I then glued on my leaves. Just stick them on until your happy with the look.
Here is a photo of my completed pumpkins with a few fake leaves thrown around for the heck of it.
Have fun! Even though the week of Halloween is upon us these could be left out through Thanksgiving.


She-ality said...

I love this! My son has special needs so we adore easy + fun craft projects to do together. Any ideas how could I weight them down to use outdoors w/o them blowing away?

smilemonsters said...

What a great idea!!! You could just throw some sand or rocks inside the vent before you connect the ends together. That would make it heavy enough for outside. Your genius!


saffron said...

How cleverly cute!

Estela said...

AH! I love this vent pumpkin!! Such a great idea

Kayce said...

What a great pumpkin!

Beth Singleton said...

Very cute and thanks for following me! Love your blog!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

What a great idea! And I love the idea to put stuff in them to weigh them down. So neat!

Crystal said...

These are so cute! Fall is my favorite time of the year. I will have to make some of these.

Heather Ozee said...

Absolutely Perfect!!! Love the creativity. Thanks for sharing.