Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How I make bottle cap pendants.

Over the last couple of days I made bottle cap magnets to use as little promo/thank you gifts in with orders from my Etsy shop. Here we go............ Pull up a chair, it's long.

1. I printed a sheet of the little monsters I use in my shop logo. I use matte photo paper. Bottle caps, magnets, and a few pin backs. I thought a few pins might be cute too.

2. Next I "distressed" the sheet of monsters with regular old craft paint. I think everything is better grungy. A wee bit of paint on a moist paper towel. Dab, dab, dab all over the sheet and instant grunge. You have to have a light hand otherwise your image will smear.
3. After the paint dries, which should be in seconds. Coat the page with Mod Podge. Mod Podge seals the paper. Skipping this step will make the paper appear wet under the resin. Not a good look. Coat front and back with dry time in between of course.

4. After the Mod Podge has completely dried you can then cut out your 1" circles. I use my handy dandy 1" circle punch. Find these in the scrap book section at your favorite craft store.

5. Now I have lots of 1" circles. I like to use some sort of glue to hold my circle in place. I use the cheapest glue in the house. The kid's Elmer's Glue. I put good size blob in the center. Use the tip to smear it around a bit then place my circle. You will have some wiggle room. I like the circle right in the center so I then play with it until I think it's centered.
6. Let them dry overnight. That gives the glue plenty of time. Go take a bubble bath.

7. Okay, next day I then bring back my trusty Mod Podge. Mod Podge is my go-to craft supply. Glob up the brush with plenty of Mod Podge goodness and get around the edges real well. Covering the whole inside of the bottle cap. By doing this you are sealing up the edges of the paper. No resin will be soaking into this paper for sure.
8. Dry again. Over night would be best. Your resin will get cloudy if the Mod Podge isn't dry. Cloudy resin is ugly.

9. So here they have dried again and are waiting to be filled with resin. I use a cake pan that I ONLY use for resin. Once the resin is poured you want to cover them to protect them from every dust bunny in your house flocking to them like stink on a skunk. So for me, a cake pan works out perfectly.
10. Mix your resin according to directions. I use Easy Cast, because it's easy. Low odor too. Read the package insert! Resin really isn't kid friendly and there are safety instructions that should be followed. I know alot of folks choose to use diamond glaze which would make this project much more kid friendly. You just won't have as durable of a product in the end.

11. Then pour your resin into your cap. You may want to have a few x-tras to play with. Until you get the feel of it you may over fill a few. It's easy to do. Also a cheap squeeze bottle is helpful. You would have to be willing to part with the squeeze bottle when you are finished though. I personally use little disposable plastic cups.
12. I do 5-6 caps at a time. Fill them, then pick them up and tilt all directions to make sure the resin reaches all edges.
13. When all are full and your happy, inspect them. Your looking for bubbles and fuzzies. I use a toothpick to pop any bubbles. Generally you can just poke at them and they will pop right away. There are other clever ways of popping the bubbles but I'm not going to share since they aren't the safest. For stray fuzzies I have a large pair of tweezers that I pluck them out with. I use these ONLY for resin. Don't use your best pair of eyebrow plucking tweezers. They won't be your best pair anymore.
14. Cover them and leave them alone. Shallow layers of resin take longer to cure. So just leave these bad boys alone for a few days. Generally in 24 hours you can pick them up and mess with them. The resin will still be soft though. So any bump to them and it will show. Fingerprints included.

15. Last step. Glue on your magnet or pin back. I use E6000 as you can see. I works for me.

Whaaaa laaa the finished product!
You could use any image you like. Favorite person, color, animal, band, the possibilities are endless! You can glue on a magnet, pin back, or a bail for a necklace.
Have fun and be safe.



Estela said...

thanks for sharing
those look good!

Joy said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!! So Diamond Glaze isn't as durable? Is it because it is water-based? I would think a latex-based product would be the worst as the natural chemicals in our skin would eat away at latex. Oil-based and water-based should be really good.

Would love to hear your insight if you want to email me! njeosys [at]

smilemonsters said...

Hi Joy!
I can only speak about my durability testing with the epoxy resin that I use. It would make the product water-proof. I have set in the baking Texas sun all day and it didn't damage it in any way. My daughter also wear the pendants regularly and have never had a problem.
I admit, my knowledge of Diamond Glaze is minimal. When I said "as durable", I was refering to the waterproof aspect. Not sure how it would hold up with heat either.
I do think Diamond glaze would be a perfect option if you were sensitive to resin or you wanted the project to be kid friendly.

Cortney said...

those are so cute, I wanna copy!

Cat said...

Thanks for sharing your tutorial. Your monsters are very cute!

Calamity Anne said...

I know I'm months since you posted this entry, but I have to tell you that this is by far the best tutorial on making magnets that I've seen, and I've seen plenty!

happymomof3 said...

I'm reading this months late too. I like the tip about sealing image with Hodge Podge! Thanks!

Nancy said...

Help! My daughter and i made a bunch of these for a fundraiser. Not sure if it's humidity or what, but after several days several are still stick to the touch. Any suggestions?

BJ said...

I had this great idea for my piano students and wanted to use those pinback buttons, but the are pricey and I couldn't add my own flare. I then had the idea to use wooden disks with pics and modge podge, but not very durable then i thought of bottlecaps, since i've used in scrapping before. I was thinking of putting image on the front part of it...not inside. It sounded so complicated and messy. Then i found your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just saved me a world of trouble, gave the products to use that i wasn't sure of AND i love the idea of using the inside of the bottle cap. With the epoxy...they are ready to go and SOOO much more durable!

THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU again!!! I am so excited to try it now!

Few questions. How many at one time to make is too many? I tend to overwhelm myself. Also, i want to do the pins, so would i use the E6000 to glue those on? Are the pins sturdy enough? I want something that won't break too easily. ;) Thanks again! SO helpful was this post! I am adding you to my favorites for sure!

Anonymous said...

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Raindrop said...

Thanks! I recently found a cool bottlecap necklace at a thrift store that was made like these, and had been wanting to make some of my own. Now I can! = )

Magali said...

Hiya, I just stumbled on this tutorial, I live in Mumbai, India & I have one question. If you make bottle cap pendants, you're gonna have to punch a hole to pass the jump rings, right? How do you do that? What tool do you use. I like to think I'm all crafty but I'm rater clumsy. Thinking of giving something like this a try. Thanks in advance for your time!

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Raby said...

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Kay said...

Thanks for sharing your tutorial, it was very helpful. Your monster logos are adorable! I'd like to reply to Magali...and add: the easiest way to punch a hole in the side edge of bottle cap, is to use a crop-a-dile punch. It's quiet & effortless. I also have a question. Also available are 1" epoxy bubbles on 'peel off sheets' with adhesive, do you recommend these as they seem to be easier to work with, or are they not water-proof?
You can contact me at Thank you :)