Saturday, October 18, 2008

I BOO'd back tonight

I spent time today getting my BOO baskets ready for a sneaky delivery. I had a big time gathering items and putting the baskets together. I was surprised at how picked over the Halloween isles are everywhere. Folks really love Halloween don't they?!

I included plenty of candy of course. Pencils, note pads, glow sticks, vampire teeth, a Halloween cookie cutter, stickers, & the note to pass it on.

My two secret agents(Hannah and her boyfriend, Spencer) waited for the cover of darkness before the classified stealth mission. They stood in the kitchen mapping out a plan of attack. They decided to go to the next street over, look for a house with folks that were home, place the basket on the door step, ring the doorbell, and run like heck. It worked! They waited a few moments and casually drove back by to make sure the baskets were gone.

I feel like Santa. A Halloween orange and purple Santa. :)

That got my wheels turning.... a secret Christmas basket mission would a be fun neighborhood cheer spreader. Maybe I'll work on that. Share

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Cat said...

I love this idea! They barely celebrate Halloween in the UK, so I don't think my neighbors would be up for it, but what a fun thing to give and receive.