Friday, October 24, 2008

I've been shopping again

Here are a few items I bought this week from fantastical Etsy shops. I really love shopping on Etsy. When my package comes in the mail it's like Christmas even though I know what's in the box! It gives me a little thrill.

I love this shirt! I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. I dig this dudes shop. Yep, a Etsy male. Go check out CubistLiterature to see what the french saying on this shirt translates to.

Soapy, soap, soap from a favorite soaper. LaveMeSoapCo has turned me on to handmade soap. It's such a treat. My manly husband even loves this pumpkin apple butter goodness. I have talked about her before so I'll shut up about the soap.

This is a a thermostat cover. I love all things grungy and I love this! The bottom is open for circulation, the door flips open for messing with the thermostat. I have splashes of red around the house and this is going to look super while covering the ugly thermostat. CreekSideCountry

What did you buy this week?


emma said...

Great purchases!

Leslie said...

Awesome purchases! I was looking at a shirt like that from CubistLiterature. He's a cool guy he has a lot of neat things! said...

You are getting those packages...
Great finds!

kim* said...

very neat cover :)

She-ality said...

Cool goodies! Those thermostat covers are lovely!! Such a nice way to hide that ugly gadget.