Wednesday, October 1, 2008

light box again

So the light box issue was bugging me. How could so many people be getting great shots with their light boxes and basic digital cameras? I went to work on it again tonight. Re-did the whole box.

This time I used a white box. Basically tore it apart and put it back together inside out. The reason was to get the white outside of the box on the inside of my light box. I think that white interior of the box is what really helped this time. If you don't have a white box hanging around like I did. I know several that have used white foam board and constructed their own box.

Cut out my windows on either side and covered with white tissue. Set up my two "shop" lights on either side. With different bulbs, GE reveal 100 watt bulbs.

This is what I got.

I'm pretty happy with these I think. I still don't really care for the white background so I went with a light blue-ish. I think a colored background was needed here anyway.
So the moral of the story is.............. keep trying. I had decided that the light box wasn't for me but now glad that I gave it one more shot. Now I can take photos at 10:00 at night!


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Abby said...

I think those turned out awesome!