Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Etsy finds this week

Two things I bought last week from Etsy shops.

This super cute hand drawn, silk screened(by hand) image of motherhood on a hoodie. This pic is from her Etsy shop Juror2 . All of her stick people make me smile.

This is a top shot of a lantern made from a recycled aluminum can. The sides are cut out then the whole thing is squished a little. It will make the coolest shadows when a candle or bulb is placed inside. MariposaAvenue Check her out. She's a dream to work with. She did a custom nightlight for me that turned out super.
Two things I hope to buy in the near future.

I am not a doll person of any sorts. Honestly they freak me out just a little. Then I found this awesome dolly maker floating around in the Esty forums one night. Her dolls make me laugh and her descriptions are even better. This is a pic of "Future Express Lane Cashier"! Check out Pocomedio if only to read and browse around. How could you not love a face like that?

Love this belt. I want it. All done by hand by RADCOW . She has several other things I'm loving at the moment. I seriously have my eye on this belt.
I'm suffering with a terrible head cold at the moment. My kids are the best at germ sharing. I'm so glad I got this post done. Now, off with you to find your own treasures on Etsy!

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