Friday, October 31, 2008

My Random Friday Post

Here are a couple pumpkins I found on the web. I didn't do these folks, just thought they were cool!

Poor baby pumpkin.

This morning I had to make a quick trip to the neighboring town for an over due errand. I don't listen to the radio much. I did get to hear this gem from the late 80s when I happened to be listening in the car. Oh my. Wonder what these guys were thinking when they made this video. Wonder where these guys are now! I'll give you a buck if you can listen/watch the whole thing! Ha!
This is a custom order that I have been obsessing over for the past couple weeks. FINALLY, I got it right and sent it off this week to the most patient woman there ever was. All you Twilighters out there, do you know what it means?
Of course I poured resin this morning. Hardly a day goes by that I don't. Crazy crafter lady, I am! Keep an eye on my shop to see what comes of this bright blue tinted resin.

This is a goofy photo of me today, wearing a simple necklace that I love. It was a freebie! Yep, FREE from a wonderful Etsy seller that I ordered something else from. She took the time to notice that my name started with a J and added it to my order. Made my day for sure. It's totally my style, simple. I love the personal touch that so many Etsy-ers give their packages. Keeps me ordering over and over!

Here is another 80s song that you can't help like. I'm trying to make up for that one up there! Ha. This song was released in 79 but the video HAD to be made in the 80s. Beyond catchy. I'm not a huge fan of 80s music, but there are some songs you just can't NOT embrace. Rock out today and pretend your wearing a shiny silver suit while playing a keyboard.

Candy, candy, and more candy! Here is a shot of our candy bucket. Man, I hope we get plenty of trick-or-treaters!

Don't fret, we will be giving out non teeth rotting treats as well.
I'll be trick-or-treating our extremely family friendly neighborhood with Batman and Spiderman tonight. I'll have the protection of not one but two super heros. Happy Halloween to all of ya!

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Fatally Cute said...

Those evil pumpkins are sweeet!