Monday, October 6, 2008

My weekend

Last week was my Hannah's birthday. Her aunt and uncle came from Oklahoma for the weekend because they are cool like that. They always come for the kid's birthdays. Aunt Misty has a friend from high school that makes cakes as a hobby. She made this one and they trucked it here to Texas for us to munch on all weekend. It looked awesome and tasted just as awesome. An added benefit was.........I got to hang out with my almost 4 month old niece who is just as sweet as this cake. :)
This is an incredibly goofy picture of me jumping with excitment over my new shirt. Bought off a fellow Etsy-er or course. It rocks. To check out Dylan's other cool shirts. DowdyStudio
Later this week I'll share more super Etsy things I have found. I'm still giddy when I find a cool item that I love!