Monday, October 20, 2008

My weekend

I have been waiting to make these for a bit but haven't taken the time. This weekend I finally did. These are little promo/thank you note pads! How cute are they? Super easy to make but a bit time consuming.

1. I printed my little monsters and dot com on heavy matte paper. Cut them to the desired size. Mine are about 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" when finished. You could go as large or as small as you wanted with these.

2. Fold them over for the front flap. I didn't measure. I'm really not a measurer! I used the top of my picture as a guide.

3. Fold up a little bottom flap. So that the top flap can tuck in the bottom flap. You may have to trim the top a little to make the fit just right. My bottom flap measures about 3/4". Again, I didn't measure it, just used my trusty eye.

4. Cut squares of regular old printer paper for the note sheets. I cut mine a tad bit smaller than the outside. So you sheets fit nicely inside your cover. I cut mine into 3 1/4" squares.

5. Place your squares inside your cover, under the bottom flap. I put 10 sheets in each. Staple once at that bottom flap while leaving the top flap open. This holds your sheets inside and then your cover flap tucks nicely in the bottom flap. Just like a book of matches.6. There ya go, sweet little note pads! Great for throwing in your purse, car, book bag, whatever. Then when a fabulous person asks you for your phone number you won't be scrounging for a piece of paper. Even better for leaving little notes for peeps. IE: Dear John, you suck at parking.
This is a pic of the cutter(I don't think that's the technical term) I use. Very handy to have around. I use it all the time. Around 20 bucks, mine was. One of these is essential for making these little note books. It's time consuming already. Without my cutter, it would have taken a week!
I want to send a shout out to one of my favorite bloggers WhiMSylove for getting me moving on this little project. She did her version of these sweet notes.

Yesterday, I cleaned the garage. We have been waiting for it to cool off a bit before taking on that chore. Oh my, the garage is clean but I'm a little sore today.
That afternoon I went to a neighbors house for a Homemade Gourmet party. That was pretty fun. I now have 5 dinners waiting in the freezer. What's not to love about that?! Add the meat and throw it in the oven or crock pot. It's always fun to get out of the house for a bit and hang with a few girls.

What did you do this weekend?

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nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh wow! Those are SUPER cute! What program did you use to create your graphics? That's one thing I'm lame at---the whole 'design on computer' thing. I'm working on it though!
Thanks for the shout-out. Woot woot!