Thursday, October 16, 2008

So I went to the mall this morning.

Warning: This has nothing to do with crafts, crafting, Etsy, or anything of the like!

I made a little trip to the mall this morning to meet a friend and exchange some jeans at American Eagle. I didn't plan on shopping. Really I didn't. I have to share my bargain shopping joy.

I'm Mrs. comfort. I'm all about comfort. For me, American Eagle fits the bill perfectly. Lots of days I'm a walking billboard for that store. If you shop there you know it's easy to spend 100 bucks. They aren't incredibly expensive but they aren't bargain-o-rama either. So imagine my delight when today I bought 6 items for $86 and some change.

They are running a buy one get the next 50% off. You can mix and match to your hearts desire. Anything in the entire store, sale racks included. On top of that I used a 15% off coupon. So another 15% off my total. Whaaa laa a total bargain.

1 warm comfy zip up sweater(full price)

1 incredibly soft hoodie(sale rack)

2 pair of super comfy yoga type pants(full price)

2 t-shirts(sale rack)

Get out there shoppers there are bargains to be taken advantage of.

This is my new sweater. Warm, comfy, soft sweaters = love. :) Share


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

super cute sweater!

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Estela said...

oh that sweater looks sooo warm, cute and comfy!!