Saturday, October 25, 2008

Syrup and art

I love weekends. I'm home every day of the week but the weekend just has a different vibe. This is how my Saturday went............

My 4 year old has recently gotten into "art". This morning he decided to do "art" before breakfast. A Christmas picture with syrup.
After lots of messing around on the computer this morning I had a long over due appointment with my super hair stylist. This is me after my visit with her, happy with refreshed hair. Christine the hair stylist rocks my socks.

A day out like this deserves a treat from every one's favorite over priced refreshment stand.

Another treat, the Good Will store. I came out empty handed though. The Good Will was hoppin' today. Really, if the check out line hadn't been 7 people deep I might have walked out with a few items but it just wasn't worth it.

It was such a nice afternoon the boys and I spent some time in the back yard finding all kinds of neat-o things. Like this,

and this,

and this. The rocks around here are like formations from the bottom of a pond. So I guess at one point our yard was under water?

Here is a sneak peak at my next "how to" crafty thing. What do you think it is?
Lastly, my photoshop tutor, Hannah just gave me a lesson on how to make my photo's corners rounded. Nifty fo sho.
I hope everyone had a super Saturday. :)

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