Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Survived!

I survived all my house guests and not a single one of us went hungry!

This is how you cook a turkey in Texas. With a giant smoker! Husband is a cookin' master on the smoker so we enlisted him to cook the meat for Thursday. One turkey, two brisket, and meatloaf. Yep, smoked meatloaf(for sandwiches once we were all sick of turkey). After some prepping he started the fire around 8:00 Wednesday night, put the meat in around 11:00 that night. Then set his alarm for every two hours to check the temperature and stoke the fire. If your not familiar with smoking meat, it takes hours. It was an all-nighter!

Here is a photo of the beast on wheels. It's borrowed, we don't own this thing!
Smoked turkey that fell apart. Don't mind the fancy serving dish.

Brisket that was oh so good. Not your traditional Thanksgiving food but good food, is good food. We had so much food, everyone was full and happy.
My guests all left Saturday morning. I've had some time to reclaim the house and reclean, of course. I'm still working on the laundry.

Guess what we did today?!
The kids really did it. It's fun when you can hang out and watch the kids do the Christmas tree.
I hope all of you had great a great holiday. Now, onto the countdown to December 25th.


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I can't express how jealous I am of your smoked turkey and brisket looks and sounds delicious!

Malissa said...

Hi! I've seen smilemonsters on etsy, but I just ran across your blog. Great stuff! I am in Texas, too( east TX, cedar creek lake). My husband always makes a big crock pot of BBQ smoked sausages for Thanksgiving! Wouldn't be the same without it.

Vanessa said...

Sounds sooooooo yummy! Puts my Jim Beam turkey to shame, thats for sure!