Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lists, Treats, Kindness, & a Wee Bit of Vanity

I'm a list maker. They make me feel organized even if I'm not. All these folks making the trip to my house has caused a flurry of lists. I've got 2 grocery lists, a menu, and a stuff to get done list. Hey look, one of the items on my "stuff to get done" list is marked off! I always make my lists in pencil. Why? Well, because I write better in pencil.

Here are my lists. What am I forgetting?
Here is what I'll be doing as soon as I finish this post. We had an addition to our house that was completed in May. I have put off touching up the paint in the hall for this long. One good thing about hosting at your house is you get to mark things off your list that have been there for months!
Here is the treat part. Hannah came home with this ice cream the other night and I managed to sneak a few bites when she wasn't looking. Oh my, this stuff is yummy in my tummy. I love ice cream year round. I could eat ice cream every day and never get tired of the frozen goodness. Try Ben and Jerry's Cake Batter ice cream and report back to me.

Here is the vanity part. A photo of me. I'm so vain I needed to prove that sometimes I wear makeup and fix my hair. Ohhhh and what a sweet necklace I'm wearing.
Do you know who People's sexiest man alive is? Do you think he's vain?

Okay, thanks for sticking with me this far. This is the kindness part. I love doing sneaky nice things for peeps. It's fun. So I found this......Hand Made Movement . It's a sneak attack on an etsy seller that has little or no sales. They announce the store that will be attacked right before the determined attack time then you roll on over there and buy something. Yay! There is one scheduled for tonight at 7:00 Eastern. Go check it out and participate. I dare ya. Let me know if you do.


GumballGrenade said...

I may need to take up the list making thing. Hmmm.

Angela said...

I am glad to know I am not he only one who is touching up paint before the holidays!!! I have also been putting it off since May! Now, I am crunched for time! Argh I hate being a procrastinator.

smilemonsters said...

Angela - Let's think of it like this.... We aren't procrastinators we just work better under pressure. :)


Kris said...

That is BY FAR the best B&J I have ever had. :]
Though if you think that one's good, I'd have to tell you to try the Cold Stone version because I like that one more!

Little Lovables said...

I have never tried Ben and Jerry's Cake Batter, but I absolutely LOVE Phish foood!

And your necklace looks so pretty on you. It's okay to be a little vain, just as long as it isn't ALL the time :)