Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Little Pine Cone Trio "How To"

Here is a little crafty something to do as a holiday decoration. I'll be the fabulous host for Thanksgiving this year. I want a few small festive decorations around the house for the occasion. This cute little trio will pretty up my kitchen bar and smell good too.

You will need............. Three clay pots, ribbon, floral decoration of some sort, pine cones, a glue gun. For my floral part of the project I chose bright red berry looking thingys. I also bought cinnamon scented pine cones. If you lived where you could find your own pine cones you could scent them yourself with cinnamon oil.
Here I picked the best three pine cones of the bunch. The rest went into a basket to look pretty in the living room.

I took the little floral spray of red berries and ripped it apart! It was a little bit fun, really.

Why do they put giant sticky stickers right on the pot? Put it on the bottom! If I would have thought ahead I would have looked for pots that had stickers on the bottom. Oh well, we'll work around this little snafu(one of my favorite words, by the way).

Run a good globby line of hot glue around the inside of the pot. Work quickly! As you can see I always work on a paper plate. Paper plates are my go to craft accessory, second to Mod Podge.

Hurry up and stuff your pine cone in the pot. It won't touch all of the hot glue but all you need here is for it to stick in a few places. Don't mind my old lady hands!
Decide where you want your berries or whatever you chose. Glue those babies down with your hot glue.
Roll out a good amount of your ribbon, enough to go around your pot and then some. I bought a wire edged ribbon, I think it makes prettier bows that stay in place.
I tacked down the ribbon with a dab of hot glue on either side of the knot.
Tie a cute little bow. Now, because I have ugly sticker on my pot I glued the strands from my bow to the pot to cover the ugliness. Just a little dot and it stays in place without looking totally stuck to it. I also secured my bow with a dot of hot glue.
How sweet is that?
Here is the trio setting on my bar. Looking cute and smelling good too. When the scent fades you can refresh them with cinnamon oil.
Super easy. The kids could even help you with this one.
Happy crafting!