Saturday, November 22, 2008

My 2 Cents On The Twilight Movie

It could have been better. It could have been sooooo much better. It was as if they were in a hurry to throw the movie together and didn't take the time to get it right. The parts of the movie that should have been tender, moving, and sweet were not. I went with two teenage girls that basically feel the same way I do but still love the movie and can't wait for the next one.

There were two actors in the movie that looked ridiculous. Not really believable at all. Not that a vampire movie is believable but I cringed a little each time these two were on the screen. So here are a couple of photos of those said two because I would like to help myself and others erase the images from the movie.

Jackson Rathbone plays Jasper.

Here he is looking like a person and not a vampire. Cute kid uh?

Peter Facinelli plays Carlisle Cullen.

Here he is at the premiere with his wife Jennie Garth. Love Jennie Garth, at least I did when 90210 was cool!
Here is another of Peter because wowza, he certainly did not look like this in the movie.
Go see the movie, form your own opinions, then report back to me. Seriously, what did you think of the movie?


LoveMeKnot Creations said...

i read the book, but kinda don't wanan see the movie just in case I'm dissappointed by it :) maybe when it come sout on dvd i'll rent it...

Lisa said...

i can't wait to see it! i'm sure it will be a disappointment, but i NEED to see what it's all about :) i've read all 4 books twice...BUT i didn't want to deal with the screaming girls this weekend. i want to enjoy it in peace :)

ps-thanks SO much for your purchase!!! i'm sending it out today :)))

Estela said...

I feel so out of the loop! I've never even heard of the book! When I saw ads for it everywhere I thought, "what the hell is that and why is it everywhere?" Hmm, I'm so not cool

Melissa said...

I havn't gone to see it. I guess we will wait till it comes out on Video.

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I finally went to see it the day after Thanksgiving. I had extremely low expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised. I was aware of many of the changes they made for the script, so I was not disappointed. I liked all the actors, esp. Rob and Kristen.

That said, I thought the special effects and the wire work was terrible. It looked really cheesy. And of all the things to muck with from the book, how could they mess up the meadow scene?! It was my favorite part of the book, but it didn't seem nearly as special in the movie.

The movie certainly could have been better, but I suspect they'll have a larger budget next time, so hopefully they can 'fix' some of the things they did wrong this time around. And invest in some better special effects for those werewolves.