Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I have been a busy beaver. Planning this Thanksgiving thing that's coming up. Keeping my shop stocked with pendants that people want. Plus just being the mom. I know lots of people just love the holidays but really they just stress me out. Oh, the pressure! I'll be alright though. I survive every year.
Okay on to fun stuff. This is me looking goofy and clean faced with a couple of my Etsy orders that came in the mail Friday. Yay! Packages in the mail = fun!

This is what was in package number one. Laksaware has a super cute little shop! The green thingy you see is a dish scrubbie. The other is a bath scrubbie. The soap fits inside and you scrub, scrub-a-dub with it. I mentioned to Bernie that these would make great stocking stuffers and she included little gift tags and bags with them! Her work is just lovely and I will never use another dish scrubber again.

Package number two is a gift so I'm not going to show a photo. Shop Shop Designs rocks! I was very happy with my purchase from him. I'm thinking of going back and getting something for myself.

I have been ever so lucky with Etsy folks being super dee duper nice. I was asked by Etsy Addicts if they could feature one of my goodies. Go check them out, for me and other great featured peeps.

Let's wrap this up with a little bit of my family's craftiness.
Mav, my 4 year old brought this home Friday from preschool. Don't you just love preschool art work? I do. I'm guessing this is a silent turkey since he doesn't have a beak and he looks a little frightened.

This is something my brother did recently. The bottom part of this was a fish tank stand they had hanging around. The fish and the tank are long gone. He was able to look at it and come up with an idea for a bookshelf for their sweet baby girl. He added a roof complete with dormers and windows. Then added a light feature and paint.

Check that out! How sweet is that? When the light feature is on the little windows light up.
Craftiness runs in the family, folks.
Next week I should have a couple of "How To" posts and maybe an awesome Etsy find. I found a shop I'm in love with and want to share. Of course, plenty of goofing off as well.
Happy Sunday to every one of ya, my favorite day of the week.


LeelaBijou said...

That library is really cool! so pretty!

Isabelle said...

I saw this item on your ETSY site "Be safe key chain sparkle" - but you only have one in stock - I need two and would prefer to have different beads. Can you help? Thanks! Barbara

demandablog said...

I love getting etsy mail, too! Your shop is so cute. :D And I love that little suprised, beakless turkey. hehe. so cute.

smilemonsters said...

Isabelle - contact me through my shop and I'll fix you right up.

Jo :)

Bella McBride said...

Sigh... is there anything better than packages in the mail! Lucky you! Love your blog!

Cindy said...

Oh I like your goofy picture of you! That bath scrubbie sounds interesting! Looks like you found some great gifts! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

MySweetThree said...

The bookcase library is such a great would never know what it used to be! And that is a sweet turkey that your daughter gave you...Preschool art is so cute! =)