Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Sweet Thursday & Some Great Gifts

It's Thursday folks! Tonight there will be midnight showings of Twilight delighting hardcore Twilighters across the map. Also, next week round about this time we will all be stuffed with Thanksgiving goodness, and getting tired of our extended families.

Hannah works at a sweet little flower and gift shop after school. She brought this home from the shop last night for a taste test. Dulce De Leche Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen . Oh mama! One of our friends likes to say "It will make you take back stuff you didn't steal." That saying could apply here. What a super gift this would be for a coffee lover, ice cream lover, teacher, or the person that has everything.
We dropped spoonfuls of it in our coffee this morning. Then we had a second cup.

Then my lovely mail lady dropped off a few packages for me. My order from Caramel Jubilee . Some more sweetness was just added to my Thursday. Big bites of caramel in vanilla and chocolate flavors. The vanilla is my favorite. These won't last long. Also a great gift for anyone on your list that is hard to buy for.
The other package was a crayon keeper that I won from Aprils Originals . Here is Mav with the crayon keeper that came stocked with crayons and a note pad. Yet another great gift.
I'm working on getting all the little chores on my "to do" list marked off. See my "lists" post below.
Happy Thursday kids. I hope it was a sweet one.


Angela said...

Shame on you! I am on a diet and because of you I am going to HAVE to cheat now :)

demandablog said...

Yum. I've ordered presents from carameljubilee before! I'm jealous. :D

That crayon keeper is so cute!

aprilsoriginals said...

OMG your little one is so cute with the crayon keeper! My son loves his so much, every kid should have one! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Have a great Friday!!!