Monday, December 1, 2008

Crafts Of Christmas Past

The kids and I are working on decorating the house. While digging through the boxes of decorations I found these past crafty items. I used to work with lots of wood and a jig saw. I did these a couple of years ago.
This little snowman was born from pencil and paper. I drew out the pattern. Cut him from 1/2 inch MDF(medium density fiberboard) with my trusty jig saw. He's about 12 inches tall.
To cut the star out of the center. Drill a hole large enough for your saw blade to fit in. Then start cutting out the star shape from there. It takes a bit and be careful!
I rounded all the edges with a sander.
Painted while it was still in two pieces. Couple of coats of paint and a distressing with brown stain.
Glued the snowman to the base. Then glued on parts of a disassembled small grapevine wreath, pine cone, fake berries, a scarf of scrap fabric.
Oh, and a nose! I cut the nose from thin MDF, sanded, painted, and glued on his little face.
I found these super cool fake candles. They are a little base with a flame. It flickers and runs on batteries. That way you don't burn your house down and your snowman looks super cute with a flickering candle showing through the star cut out.

These are little Christmas trees cut from the same MDF. The base is a heart, the trunk is a dowel. Sanded and spattered with paint for a distressed look. These sold like hotcakes at my little craft booth I used to have. They are about 7 inches tall.
I drew a stretched out sock pattern for a stocking. Cut from thin MDF, then painted. Can you tell I used to glue buttons on everything?! Two holes at the top and twine for hanging.

This one looks a little wonky after storage!
Share some of your past Christmas crafties. Even the ugly ones, those are the best!
While your looking for your old Christmas crafts ponder this...... What do you do with an ugly Christmas decoration that is given to you? Do you display it, because after all it was a gift and it's the thought that counts. Do you put it away in a box and only pull it out for display when that person comes to visit?! You know you have one of these ugly Christmas quandaries!


P and J Crafts said...

Merry Christmas!

You've been nominated for the Marie Antoinette award! When you have time, go to my blog, http:/ and pick it up! :-)

Vanessa said...

This year I have started de-junking my decor. All the lame stuff I bought when we were first married. I caught my daughter sneaking it out of the pile. I'll never be able to get rid of it!

Malissa said...

I'm with Vanessa. I just weeded out a bunch of items that were cute, cheesy items I bought or hand me downs I scavengered when I was in my first house. The things people give me, I usually put out and learn to love it if I don't already. It is the thought, and don't you think about them when you see it?!