Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Need A Swift Kick In The Rear

I am dragging my rear end today. I have mucho to do and here I sit. I'm having a serious lack of motivation. Blahhhhh. So anyone who is free can roll on over and give me a swift kick in the pants to get me moving.
1. I must make more key chains. They are selling as soon as I list them. Not complaining about that one bit.
2. I have to get some Christmas shopping done. We will celebrate Christmas with my family next weekend.
3. Clean of course!
4. My desk is being taken over by a mountain of papers that need to be put away.
5. I have to purdy myself up for a Christmas party tonight. I ordered some new boots that arrived yesterday and I'm so looking forward to wearing those babies! By the way, did you know you can shop at Old Navy, Banana Republic, The Gap, and Piperlime all at the same site and pay once? Coolness.
6. I have to balance my checkbook! Why, oh why do I wait until it's a big pile of receipts and confusion? Why do I punish myself this way?!

At Christmas time I can never resist shopping for myself! I think that's obvious. Anywho, this sweet little package came in the mail yesterday.
How cute is that?
Look what was inside! A sweet bracelet made of bunches of buttons. I love it! Mrs Gibson makes these and lots of other cool stuff. Now she has one in pink listed in her shop! This shipped from the U.K. faster than some of my U.S. orders!
I put it on right away yesterday, I love the movement and sparkle of it. It made me happy!
Okay, now I'm getting out of this chair and getting busy! Maybe.
Happy Saturday to each and every one of you.


Mrs Gibson's Atelier said...

I am so flattered by your kind words and oh my it does look lovely on you, I never get to see them on customers. Thnak you so much and I am so glad you like it.
Best wishes, Sam x

Malissa said...

Here comes the boot, but I think I'm a little too late. Bettcha look all purdy by now! Have a great time and get your tush in gear tomorrow! I wanna see progress by noon-no sleeping in! REALLY!

7seventeengallery said...

RE: kicks in the rear

Yeah, you and me both. I feel swamped half the time, and the other half I am so tired from being swamped I sit around and procrastinate!