Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Longing for a Crunchie Bar

I recently participated in a Christmas swap hosted by the lovely Mommy Holly. I was paired up with a sweet gal named Cat. She is an American living in London. So I was excited to get my swap box from her long before it arrived. My box arrived last week. It was full of goodies. Lots of sparkle, some candy, some scrapbook paper, and even some homemade cookies. Mmmmm.

One of the candies she included was a candy bar made by Cadbury called a "Crunchie". I finished off the Crunchie last night and I want to cry. It's all gone! So yummy yet not sold in the U.S.! What?!

"The Crunchie bar is technically of British origin, but can be found in many other countries(In the States, not so much.). Behind its extremely generic name, the Crunchie is actually pretty unique. It’s based on a traditional candy called sponge toffee, honeycomb, or cinder toffee, which is made by adding baking soda to molten sugar, causing the sugar to expand in a froth of bubbles. Once cooled, the foam becomes a light, airy, crunchy treat. It can be eaten plain or, as is the case with the Crunchie, coated in chocolate." This quote was taken from CandyAddict.

I'm sure these can be found in the U.S. somewhere just not at your local 7-11. I have my eye on a case of them from Amazon!

So if your wondering what to get me for Christmas or birthday here is a little hint.



Cat said...

So funny about the Crunchie!! Maybe I can throw a bar or two in the box when I send out the other items... :)

LeelaBijou said...

I love these chocolates and Crunchie is soooo yummy! British cocolates are great. Have you tried the Scotish chocolate tea cakes? Don´t do it! You´ll become an addict LOL

Digital Misfit said...

Cadbury rocks! I love the Crunchie, but the Fruit & Nut bar is my fave. The Cadbury in Britain is better than its Canadian counterpart, but I am still in love.