Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pink Stuff

I know we all have certain foods that scream holidays to us. Well, ours is pink stuff! Introduced to us by my sister-in-law, Dana, quite some time ago. This is pink fluffy goodness that is to easy to whip up.Container of Cool Whip(whatever the standard size is)
Can of cherry pie filling
Can of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
Crushed pineapple, drained (I don't use the whole can just a few giant spoonfuls)
Walnuts or pecans (I prefer walnuts) to taste. I like nuts so I put quite a few.

Stir it all together.
That's it!
Pink, fluffy, and yummy.

Oh, yesterday was my birthday. Share


Vanessa said...

Sounds yummy! And Happy Belated!

demandablog said...

Happy Birthday! :D

LeelaBijou said...

wow, it sounds very good! oh, and Happy Birthday! ^_^