Friday, December 19, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Here we are 6 days from Christmas and I haven't finished my shopping.
I'm doing this instead. This sickness I have is totally kicking my rear. I believe I may have turned the corner today though. Yay! I'm hungry. That's a good sign right?!
So husband and I will be having a date in the next couple of days. A date at Toys R Us. Thank goodness they are open till midnight through the holidays! I'll be taking full advantage of this date and work in a dinner too.

You all know how I love packages in the mail. Right?

This little do-dad came the other day. From Ebar Designs, she calls this her Engagement Necklace. Love it! This photo does not do it justice. It's sparkly and gorgeous.

I have yet to plan a menu for Christmas eve and day! Ack! We generally do a Christmas eve dinner. A real dinner, ham or something of the like. A huge breakfast for Christmas morning, then finger foods the rest of the day. Guess I better get to planning and I see some grocery shopping in my near future. What's on your holiday menu?

Last but not least. Today is my brother's birthday. Happy Birthday brother!!! Share


NoraAnne said...

I hope you have made some progress with your holiday shopping and meal planning!

Cat said...

Awesome necklace!! I hope you feel better very soon. Have a wonderful Holiday season :)