Wednesday, January 7, 2009

5 Healthy Things!

List 5 things you do to stay healthy.
Then list 5 things you could do to be more healthy.
Tag 5 people to do the same.
Cool uh?
This fab idea came from demandablog where she made her own list and tagged everyone!

1. I eat my veggies. This one is easy because I like them. Yep, I like the taste of brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and cooked carrots! Now, if I could just convince my kids and husband that they taste good.

2. I limit the amount of soda I drink. It's generally like a treat for me. Once or twice a week, sometimes not at all.

3. I go to bed early. I learned long ago that I need all my beauty rest to function properly. I'm rarely up past 10:30.

4. I'm a flosser.

5. I go outside and play with the kids. Weather permitting. Sunshine is good for ya!

Here goes the 5 things I could do to be better. This list could go waaaay past 5 for sure.

1. I could use the elliptical machine that is in my bedroom collecting dust. Yeah, the one that I begged my husband for and promised that I would use.

2. I LOVE sweets with a capital L. I do my best at limiting them but if there are sweets around I will eat them.

3. I could cook dinner every night. I usually flake on dinner 1-2(okay, sometimes 3) nights a week. We order pizza or husband picks up something on the way home. It's generally not healthy food!

4. I could walk. We have a great neighborhood for taking walks.

5. I could swear off Starbucks! I don't go to much since there isn't one close to our house. I do go when I am near one though. It would be better for my waist and my wallet!!

Your turn! I tag everyone who reads this post. Share


demandablog said...

hi-five for flossing! We ran out of floss and I kept forgetting to buy more... so for 2 days I didn't floss and I couldn't stand it! I swear that I could feel all the gross little particles between my teeth. haha.

Kris said...

It's amazing how much Starbucks can effect your wallet! I used to have it all the time, and then I stopped paying for it when gas prices started hiking up. It got me at least an extra $100 from every paycheck to spend. Now I only have it if someone else offers to treat me. ;)