Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holy Buttons Batman

The weather in Texas is always changing. Yesterday we are at the park playing where it was a balmy 80 degrees. Today 42. It is January after all.
Anyway, I took advantage of the cold day and the fact the the boys were home hanging out with dad to go browse the local antique mall. I found buttons! A lot of buttons. I love buttons.

These sweet buttons were in one of the jars that I snagged. I've got plans for these babies and all the others too.

I love cheap rings. I'm all about the cheap bling. Don't get me wrong, I like expensive one's too. Want a great way to show off your style and fun loving personality? A ring! Change them everyday, twice a day.
Don't see one you like? Ask and you shall receive.

Lastly, a topic that is near and dear to all of our hearts. Hair. You may have noticed, I'm no longer blonde. For the moment anyway. This new brunette color is darker than my natural color, whatever that is. I was really tired of the terrible roots that come with blonde hair. I'm loving it, husband doesn't share the same enthusiasm! I'm pretty sure he'll get over it though. Change is good. Change is fun.
Have a great weekend(what's left of it) & scroll down a few posts and check out a couple of swaps you need to sign up for. The more the merrier.


Leslie said...

Love your fun creative jewelry. I'm in Texas too, the weather is crazy.

Tanya said...

While I can't see it all that well, I LOVE your hair color on you! You are so brave, but you can be, because it works!

Blonde or brunette, you're a cutie!

Estela said...

Look at all those buttons!!!!
I love finding ones from antique shops and going through them and finding such beautiful ones!
And I love the new hair color!!! It looks great on you!

Beth said...

Hi Jo. I have tried a few times to send out partner info to you regarding the childrens swap. Couls you please email me with you address so I can get you and your partner together? Thanks.

weepereas (at) yahoo(dot) com

Anonymous said...

Love that kung fu ring photo! That is some great bling! You look more like a redhead than a brunette. It looks good!