Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day

School was canceled today due to the layer of ice we have this morning. Generally a once a year occurrence here in North Texas. The news here likes to make a huge deal out of it so it's rather exciting for us Texans. I'm sure any of you that live north of us are chuckling at our ice.

You can see a bit of ice here in the trees as the sun rises. It fell mostly as sleet so it didn't stick to much to trees and everything else. Except the ground, that is. It's already melting, and will be gone by this afternoon.

I'm taking full advantage of this ice day, I'm still wearing my pink fluffy robe, drinking coffee, and eating sourdough toast with honey. Mmmmmmm. Looks like a muppet, doesn't it?!

Later I will work on some finishing touches for these and a few others so they may have their debut in my shop.

This one is actually mine! I test everything for durability and wear-ability so I've been sporting this stacked button necklace with gun metal bail and chain around town.

Another resin dipped button ring. This one will appear in my shop later. White flower button stacked on green and blue.

Smooshed bottle cap necklace. This grungy cupcake with real sprinkles needs a little tweaking before it makes an appearance in the shop. To plain, I think.

This stacked button necklace will also make an appearance in the shop after a few finishing touches. Super shiny with a couple of coats of resin. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

Last thing I got for ya on this fine day............ Indie Spotting at My Shopping Connection. A very nice looking site that features some hand made goodies. One of my button rings is there! The photos are clickable so it takes you right to the spot to buy. It's NOT another place to sell, just a feature site.

Happy hump day kids!


Vinyl Rocks My World said...

Love that flower button ring! :O) Very cute!

Melissa said...

Everytime we get snow or ice here, the whole town shuts down. Being from Michigan origiannly I find it rather funny. I do miss the snow somedays here.

Angela said...

The ice and snow missed us. I was kind of looking forward to it...just a change of scenery would have been nice.