Monday, January 5, 2009

Last Day

Today is our last day of Christmas vacation from school. Tomorrow we will be back to the old routine. I'm really not ready. I have enjoyed this little vacation from a schedule. We have done what we wanted, when we wanted for 2 weeks now. So, it's 10am and we are still in our jammies. We are going to make the best of this rainy, cold, last day of vacation.

Let's talk new year resolutions. I don't make promises to myself that I know I can't keep for the new year. Because, let's face it, I like several things that are bad for you and I'm not going to stop eating/doing them! It's true. Moderation, that's the key. Here is my one resolution that I will make myself keep.

I promise myself that I will not forget any one's birthday this year(and years to come). I am a terrible birthday forgetter. I forget my own mother's birthday almost every year. To help me with this task.......

I am in the process of adding birthdays in my phone's calendar. My handy dandy little piece of technology will then remind me a week in advance of the upcoming birthday. Then I can get that birthday card off in the mail in a timely fashion.
I also keep a old fashioned paper calendar! This is last year's, I'm still looking for the replacement for 2009.

What are your resolutions for the new year?

I'll be putting a few items in the shop this afternoon. Some long over due keychains. Share


mommyholly said...

Don't you LOVE not having a schedule?! Oh how I wish it would last just a tiny bit longer :) Looks like you all enjoyed a very happy Christmas and new year, xo!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I am not very good at remembering everybody's birthdays either. That's one of my goals this year too!