Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paper Hearts How To

A long over due "How To" Valentine style. Paper hearts flower.

You will need:
Paper with cute patterns or colors. I used scrapbook papers that I had on hand.
Scissors(cutting is more fun with polka dot scissors)
Glue stick
Needle and thread or glue(E-6000)
Sparkly Mod Podge (if you like sparkles)
Pattern compliments of Country Home mag
Your best crafting music, dance while you craft. It's necessary.

Cut out your pattern. I used regular ole printer paper. Something thicker would be better especially if you plan on using the pattern more than a few times. Flimsy printer paper works okay if it's what you have on hand.

Note: You all have a real good idea what my counters look like! If I were on top of things I would have drug the light box out but I'm not that slick.

Trace your pattern for your pieces then cut out. One of the large piece and four of each size of hearts.

With your trusty glue stick glue on the larger hearts. Glue starting at the point to about half of the heart. Later you will need to bend up the humpy edges of your heart. That won't happen if it's glued down. Place them where ever you think they look good.
Glue stick again, the smaller hearts. It's starting to look like a flat flower. Now for some adding some life to it.

Stitch on a button. I actually stitched it to the paper then put a glob of glue on the back for enforcement. You could glue on your button too.

I wanted my flower to look grungy. Everything is better grungy, for sure. I used my brown ink pad to dirty up the edges. Now, bend the edges to give your flower some dimension. I just played with it till I thought it looked good. Hey, look! I drug out the light box.
To stiffen it a little I used Mod Podge. I have some with sparkles in it so I slopped that on. Between the layers and all over. A couple of coats would make it stiffer or you could use any kind of spray sealer.

Finished! You could take this so many different directions. Use felt or fabric. It could be a bow for your sweetie's V day gift, a brooch, put them on a stem and make a whole bouquet, wear it in your hair, the list goes on.

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Karen's Monsters said...

What a great how-to. Thanks for sharing.

PoshPlushies said...

Great tutorial, makes such a pretty flower decoration :)

Angela said...

That is so cute! Thanks!

Vivian Deliz said...

That was great... I am very challenged when making things like this and I was able to follow the instructions. To my surprise my finished product looks pretty good. Thanks!!

Magnolia Blossom Art said...

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Bear Chick said...

Love this pattern! I'll have to try it this weekend. Thanks!

TheClackHouse said...

What a great tutorial! And what a CUTE blog!! Love it!

2monkees said...

so cute! thanks for the lesson!

AnniKae said...

Hi there!
Just stopping by to let you know that you are the WINNER of my Lil Anni Apron give away. Congrats!
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Ann said...

Beautiful! TFS the how-to!

Elizabeth said...

This is a great, well-written and illustrated tutorial. You should submit it to Tip Junkie.