Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Ring and Other Stuff

I'm so excited! Hey, isn't that a song?

I listed my first button ring in the shop this morning. I don't know if anyone will be as excited as I am! It's the little things in life that I love. So here's the scoop........

I wanted to do button jewelry because I love buttons, have for a long time. Lot's of awesome Etsy shops are doing vintage button rings. I love them and have a couple. I wanted to do something a bit different with mine though. Hopefully, to make them stand out in a sea of buttons. So my wheels went to turning up there in my little head. Why not mix two of my favorite crafty things together? Buttons and resin! This one here is double dipped in super shiny resin. The resin gives it a great shine and the thick layers over the buttons add to the durability of the ring. It's a process and not really a quick one but the result was exactly what I had hoped.

Securely attached to a ring blank with a thick adjustable band. Found on Etsy of course. The Perfect Bead is a great little supply shop. Love these ring blanks. The band is thicker and the adjustment part is under the pad, that equals a comfortable little ring.

Ready for a left turn?

I'll be doing a guest tutorial for the lovely ladies over at Steals and Deals coming up in April. The record bowl! Ultra easy to do. Anywho, I took a little trip to the local Goodwill to browse the record section for the latest and greatest albums that I could destroy. Jackpot! Check out the Greenwood County Singers. They give me the creeps a little. I have no idea who Percy Faith is but his album Mucho Gusto! looks like it was originally purchased at Sears, Roebuck, and Co. for $2.66. Again, it's the little things in life that I love.

I think I'll do my first ever giveaway with those record bowls I make for the tute. I'm scared that no one will enter my giveaway though. Then I would be sad and embarrassed and want to take it down. Please tell me you would enter if I do it. Really?

One more left turn.

A photo shoot...................



Malissa said...

Hey, you changed your avatar! I love the pics of you and your kiddo! Those are the best photo shoots! I would enter your giveaway! (I am having one on Jan. 19 as part of a group and have the same worry)
AND...I love how the ring turned out. The resin really gives it great depth. Haven't been to your etsy in a while so I'll go check it out.

PoshPlushies said...

Love your button ring idea - looks even better all glossed up in resin. I've kept a button box since I was a little girl and love 'em.

ritasmeeta said...

hahaha ;) that photoshoot is too cute!