Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"How To" Palooza - Ring Box

As you can imagine I have rings laying around all over the place. So I decided to make myself a ring box rather than buy one. Now, I have a sweet place to keep them and can decide what ring I'm going to wear at a glance.

You'll need:
A box - any box with a flip top will do(I think a cigar box would be awesome)
Felt(at least 3 sheets) or an old sweater would work too. If you choose to use a larger box than I did obviously you'll need more fabric to fill it.
Glue gun
Those are the basics. If you choose to decorate your box like I did. You'll need what ever items you decide on plus glue or good ole' Mod Podge.

Here is the box I used. One of those cheap unfinished paper mache' boxes from any craft store.

This one measures 9" x 3".

I just did a swap recently and these are just a few of the goods that my super dee duper swap partner Kathy sent me. Perfect for my ring box.

The ever so important Mod Podge.
I didn't take photos of each step during the Mod Podge process.
1. Glue everything on your box in wonky fashion with your Mod Podge.
2. Dry
3. Sand the edges and anything sticking up with sandpaper.
4. Distress all corners and edges with brown ink pad.
5. Instant old and grungy.

Measure your box length wise. Trim your fabric. Measure your box width wise. My fabric was approximately 4 times the width of the box.
Take your felt, I used 3 layers because you want thick folds. If you up cycle a sweater for this part you may fold it in half for the thickness you need. Or it may be thick enough on it's own. Fold it zig zag.

Put the zig zag folded fabric in your box. I messed with it a bit to get it pretty and the folds even. Use your glue gun to secure the edges. I ran it along all sides.

Put in your rings!

There she is.
I glued on a piece of lace and some buttons of course. I only did the top with my decoration, I like the look of the paper mache'. You could do the whole box how ever you wish, inside too. Wouldn't your BFF, mother, daughter love to receive this as a gift?! Especially if it were made with your two little hands.
Happy crafting peeps.


Lisa said...

what a fabulous idea!! i'm totally going to have to try it!

Jewelry by Jozie said...

How neat! I'm going to have to try that.

Jen said...

Very cool!

Sherry said...

this is so creative! thanks for sharing!

xtine said...

What a cute idea! I don't wear many rings, but I have TONS of other jewelry. I might try lining the box with flat felt instead of the zigzag folds. Thanks for sharing this!

Malissa said...

Great project tutorial! How fun is it that you got to use swap goodies for the project. Fun, fun!

JuliaB said...

Hello, I;ve been lurking for a while. Your box is FAB! and so is all your other stuff!. Nice to meet you! x

Estela said...

such a great idea!!

Hyla said...

I love this!

Ashleigh said...

This looks like it would be perfect for all of my bf's cuff links. I'm going to have to try this. Thanks! said...

Beautiful and fun project!

乾煎白鯧Sam said...

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