Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Lucky Streak

One of my favorite things to do is blog surf. I love hopping around and checking everyone out. I have acquired some friends, some knowledge, some needless but super cool info, participated in fun swaps, and best of all entered and won some sweet giveaways.
Here is my little one checking out a book that was sent from Jenny Flower. She offered up this book to the first taker. Cool uh? Then she sent it to Texas alllll the way from the U.K.

She included this note. Very nice and has a kind hand written note on the back. I'll be using this as a bookmark when I start reading The Reader, that I picked up last week. I'd rather read a book than watch a movie. Husband thinks I'm nutty. I am, but not for that reason.

I also won a gorgeous set of cards from Ink Spot Workshop. Can't wait to get those.

Then she featured my sweetheart rings on her blog. What a gal!

Can you believe this luck? Posh Momma offered up a pair of earrings that I also won! I'd like to think it's good karma as Emily of Posh Momma suggested.

In other news.............
I'm preparing for some upcoming swaps I'm participating in.

1. Bits and bobbles hosted by the lovely and talented Malissa at Sleepy Hollow Folk Art.
2. A mug swap hosted by Jenny of Jenny Flower. Yep, the same one a talked about up there.

Swapping is super fun. If you are hosting a swap or know of ongoing swaps let me know where they are. I'm always up for some swapping. *giggle*

Last, I would like to say "hey" to my new followers. I love ya, really I do. Please feel free to e-mail me with suggestions, cool stuff, great sales, love letters, or anything you like.



Angela said...

Wow! You must have been a good girl this year ;)

jennyflower said...

Glad your book arrived safe and sound. Enjoy the reader, don't blame you for wanting to read the book, I always find films a slight disappointment,

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I was just checking our your daughter's photo blog and flickr yesterday. She is so talented!
And with such a creative mom, she's definitely off on the right foot.

AnniKae said... need to head to Vegas while the streak is on.
Happy Day!