Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday, Monday

The boys have the sicky sicks. Ack! While I think Mav is turning the corner, he stayed home from pre-school again today. Since I am the chief nose wiper I think they are sharing their germs with me. Again.

So we played a few games of cootie while I drank peppermint tea from my Minnesota mug.

Then a little Trouble. It was a close game.

Ahhhh ha! Mail.

In the mail was a prize I won last week from Anni Kae. A sweet apron for a little girl. I know just the little girl this will go to, her birthday is right around the corner. I think I'll buy her a few cooking accessories to go with this. Then she and her momma can bake up a storm. I did try like crazy to get Mav to try it on. He wouldn't have any part of it. Darn.
Here is Anni Kae's etsy shop. Cute stuff.

Another treat in the mail!

Our WTJs. One of them is for you! Go here to enter so you can be the big winner. I'm just itching to get started wrecking my journal.



Malissa said...

Those sweet pink sick cheeks sure look familiar! I hope everyone feels better soon!

Lisa said...

i can't wait to see when i win! haha i mean....i can't wait to see WHO wins! hehe

Estela said...

Look at all those goodies in the mail!
I entered the wreck journal giveaway!

rachel said...

wow you get a lot of stuff through blog networks... i'm subscribing to the wrong ones! lol