Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Puffy Box - How To

I'm all into paper these days. There are so many tempting patters and prints, I can not resist. This is a "How To" for a little puffy paper box will will surely charm anyone you choose to make them for.

You'll need:
Paper - anything pretty and with a little stiffness to it.
Polka dot scissors - okay any scissors will work
Pattern - courtesy of stampington, where you will find a plethora of templates.

This took about 10 minutes for me to complete including interruptions from two little boys.

Cut out your pattern. The pattern gives you a finished box that measures about 2 1/4" by 2 1/4". If you wanted to blow up the pattern you could adjust the size to whatever your heart desires.
Trace your pattern on your pretty paper. I used one that was pretty on both sides. Cut out your pattern.

Next, you'll need to make two slits on the two sides that don't have the little puffy tip. I used my x-acto knife that I bought in the scrapbook department. For the placement of the slits I put my pattern on top and used my knife to slit through the pattern paper and score the box paper. Then removed the pattern and cut again over the scored slits. Cutting completely through the box paper.

Now, fold up the sides. I didn't fold them completely over. Just bend them up.

Your two sides that have the puffy little tips match up.

Slip one of the sides you put the slit in over the two puffy tips. Here I realized my slits were not quite long enough to allow for the tip to fit through. I used my x-acto knife to make the slits just a wee bit longer.

Next, fit the other side over the puffy tips. Look at that! A sweet little puffy box for putting anything you want inside.
Here is what I will do with mine.

Husband and I generally don't make to big of a deal out of the upcoming V-day. Funny, considering it's the day he proposed, close to a million years ago. Something small. So I decided to fill this little box with favors. He can cash them in whenever he likes.

Here is the little box full of favors.

Taaa daaa. There ya go. You could do a zillion different things with this little box. Embellish it any way you fancy. Fill it with anything! Say, a piece of handmade jewelry, maybe.
Have fun! If you try this little crafty "How To" I would love to hear all about it and see it to. Photos people, photos!


Anonymous said...

What a cute little box! I'll be trying this :)

Angela said...

You are so crafty! I love your little how to's !

kathy said...

HI JO !! I e mailed you , but don't know if you received it .
CUTE box thanks -will make one for sure !!!

I am your bits and bobbles swap partner -- please check to see and if I have the right e- mail -- Thanks Kathy - ga

Estela said...

That's too adorable!
Just in time for those DIY valentine's presents!
Thanks for sharing!

jolt said...

that is so cool! It's all in the presentation!

rachel said...

i like your style. your ways are now listed in my definition of adorable.

Anonymous said...

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