Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

A pretty much lazy Sunday. Gotta love it.
I did some wrecking this morning.

I doodled while on the phone with my step-mom for over an hour! Ouch, my ear.

I scratched with wild abandon. No creativity here. Just went at it.

Covered the page with office supplies. I'm thinking I'll add more to this one as I find things.

Dripped and spilled coffee.

Don't forget to check on Estela and her WTJ progress.

I then discovered that I had been mentioned over at givers log. Yay!

Another mention at one pretty thing. My ring box "How To". Yay again!

Then I set up my account at swaptree. I'm Smilemonster there. If you have an account let's be friends and potentially swap books.

Here is another one of my valentine cards. The best kind.

Happy Sunday!



Joh said...

Hello there. I got linked here from a couple different sites. I am obsessed with the Wreck This Journal, and will definitely be undertaking one. And checking in to watch you wreck yours.
I have another question though. What kind of phone is yours? #1 the stars are awesome and #2 it's pretty awesome. Please inform me!
-Joh at Teh Noms Du Jour!

LeelaBijou said...

I love what your are doing with your journal! ^_^

SimplyTaylored said...

I read about this on Angela's blog and had to check it out. Looks like fun and will definitely be following as you wreck it!

Cat said...

Loving the Wreck the Journal thing! Also, the card is too cute.