Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You Are Great. You Are Amazing.

Watch this when you have 15 minutes. You'll like it, I promise.



Samantha said...

Thank you so much for sharing that! The best short film I can remember seeing, it made me cry and smile. :)

ABCDErica said...

That is such a great short film-I didn't expect it to be so emotional. And that guy is from Bones!

Angela said...

I loved it!! Thanks for sharing you SMILEmonster!

Anonymous said...

Me too! Like it very much. Glad I watched.

What I learned? Lets see:
1. It's inevitable, people need validation (on how they work, about their life, ...)
2. We like to be appreciated once in a while
3. A simple smile can really bring/change someone's life
4. The world/life is round and everybody is connected one way or the other. A simple gesture can influence someone's life in a major way (like the mother-daughter thing and how the guy entered the picture)
5. The inner "smile" is way better!

Did I miss something? :-) Thanks for sharing this clip

Latharia said...


Creative Coquette said...

It made me cry (I'm sappy like that) and smile big, loved it, thank you!!