Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 Years Old

Today is my dramatic middle child's birthday.

So to honor that, this post will be things all 5 year olds love.

(I've got playdough skillz)


1 cup flour
1 cup warm water
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 teaspoon oil
1/4 cup salt
food coloring

Mix all ingredients in a pan(you'll be heating this).
Stir over low to medium heat until formed and no longer sticky.
Remove from heat, let cool a bit, knead until smooth.
Keep in air tight container.

2 tips I have not tried:
Substitute cream of tartar with 1 part baking soda/1 part baking powder.
Instead of food coloring add a package of Kool-Aid for color and good smelling playdough.

Sidewalk Chalk

3/4 cup warm water
2-3 tablespoons tempera paint - powder or liquid will work
1 1/2 cups plaster of paris
Duct tape
TP rolls or paper towel tubes, paper cups will work too

If using tubes reinforce them with the tape, also taping over one end.
Pour the warm water in a study bowl.
Sprinkle in the plaster.
Stir the plaster and water to a pudding like consistency, adding more water or more plaster if needed.
Stir in paint. Stir a little for a marbled effect, a lot for solid color.
Pour into your tubes or cups tapping to release air bubbles.
Let dry for 1-2 days then tear off the tubes or cups.

The best place to do this is outside!

Homemade Bubbles

1 gallon water
2/3 cup dish washing soap
2-3 tablespoons glycerin(drugstore)
A container to store your bubbles in, pitcher or a milk jug.

Mix your ingredients, stirring gently.
Blow bubbles.

Use these to fill up little bubble bottles or these work great with trays and big wands that make giant bubbles.

BTW: That first photo up there was my Day 5 of Project 365.

Have fun!!

Happy birthday Snicklefritz.


JuliaB said...

Happy birthday!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday!

You do have mad skills!

Christine said...

What a cutie he is! Happy birthday! Five is a very important year. :)

♥ xtine

Uniflame said...

Happy birthday! And also: I have started with my 365 :)

Cat said...

LOVE the ideas!! I love that. Your playdoh girl is way too good :)

Creative Coquette said...

What a handsome boy! Must take after his Mom!

Happy Birthday!

Wow, my Mom would have loved good smelling playdough. I was banned to our basement when I played with playdough as she could not stand the smell, heh heh.

AnniKae said...

Great recipes. We've done the play dough, but I'm going to have to try out the others. Thanks for sharing.