Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bandana Bag "How To"

Did you know you can spell bandanna or bandana two ways? My Webster's New World Dictionary says so. I like bandana better.

Here is my freshly made bandana bag holding my WTJ.

You'll need:
2 bandanas
A sewing machine
Very basic sewing skills

I'm a beginning beginner seamstress with very basic skills that were taught to me years ago. I though this idea was so cute I had to try it. I saw it in one of my magazines but now I can't find which one!

Pin right sides together.
Run a stitch along three sides about 1/2" from the edge. On one side that meets your top edge do not sew all the way to the top. I left about 2". This will leave a hole for your ribbon.

Now, you have three sides and a open top.
Iron your seams open.
Fold down your top. Your bag is still inside out so fold outwards. This is going to create the pocket for your drawstring/ribbon. So, depending on the thickness of the ribbon you chose, measure and fold accordingly. Pin your hem then sew along the edge, leaving about 1/4" seam allowance. Once you flip it right side out it should look like that up there.

I chose this ribbon because it's purdy.

Use a safety pin to run your ribbon through the pocket you created at the top of your bag.

Here it is with the ribbon through the pocket. I did stitch the ribbon to the bag on the other side. That way you can wash your bag without the ribbon coming out but still allows for the drawstring to work.


Black side.

White side.

Super simple bag for throwing in your sunscreen and book for that afternoon at the pool.
Would be really cute in springy colors.
You could get fancy and line it with coordinating fabric.
I think I'll send this one to my pen pal! Hopefully she can over look my wonky stitching!


Soldier without a War said...

what a cute idea!!!

Estela said...

Very cute!
I've been neglecting my WTJ! what's going on with us?!

urban craft said...

great bag idea, very hip! said...

Oh I did not know that! I just added a tag for the additional spelling of bandana. You're crafty AND educational! I hold by my statement that a truly creative person can find more than one way to spell a word. =)

Great bag! I'll be linking.

CoveredInCrafts said...

Very cool!

Leanne said...

Adorable! What a cute idea. Saw it on Tip Junkie and had to check it out.

MonsterMama said...

AHHH I am going to have to get a little notebook to write down all theses projects I want to try. This is so sweet - I really think my 11y.o. would love it AND could probably do it herself. Thanks for sharing.

Camille said...

found you on tip junkie! what a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

oh, i love the bag. perfect for carrying those extra layers on chilly bike days! thanks so much.