Friday, March 6, 2009

Cleaning Under Pressure

This weekend we'll have a house full here at Casa De Dunn.
We'll be having a family celebration for the big 5th birthday.
All of our family are from out of town, mostly out of state. So that means overnight guests. Yay!!

I of course, wait till the morning of their arrival to clean up a little. I clean best under pressure.

Here is my best friend, I call her Flo. I have two major things that make me feel like my house is clean as long as they are done.
1. Laundry
Thanks Flo for the help.

2. Vacuumed floors.
Thanks to my sad vacuum that never fails me no matter what I suck up with it.

So, give me your best cleaning tips, secrets, embarrassments, your what must be done in order to declare the house clean. Let's hear em!


Uniflame said...

A clean toilet is top priority when I have guests, that and clean floors indeed.

Soph said...

No tooth paste splatters on the mirror or tap!! :)

Angela said...

If all of the dishes are washed and the bathrooms are clean, I am good to go!

Creative Coquette said...

LOL, I clean best under pressure too!!!