Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goodie Bag-O-Rama

Last weekend was the family celebration of Mav's big #5 birthday. This weekend is the kid party! So, today Mav and I got busy whipping up some goodie bags for the shin-dig.

I bought:
Cute paper with balloons
Goodies, of course
Zig zaggy scissors

I had:
A printer
A cute little sewing machine

We printed our saying on the paper. Then folded them with a little excess at the top.

I know all of you sewers are laughing at my machine! I don't have a sewing machine but had been thinking of getting one. My mother and grandma taught me the basics of sewing years ago. Any who, I was wondering around our shop-o-rama one day and spotted this little purple thing. Hey, for 35 bucks I'll mess with it and see if I want the real deal later. It's terribly cute and it's called a Pixie!

I sewed along the edges with the zig zag stitch. Leaving lots of edge left. So later I can trim there with the zig zag scissors. Just to make it cute.

I did angle in my top fold a little so that I had a pouch. Rather than a flat folded over piece of paper. You can see that there on the edge in the photo above.

Here they are stuffed with goodies and ready to go. There ya go, make your own goodie bags!

I finished reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold last night. It's a tad bit dark which I like in a good book. It was sad for me at times. It was a good read that I finished in a matter of days with lots of interruptions. If you have read it I would be seriously happy to hear your thoughts on it.

One more thing.....
While I was finishing up that book last night I watched American Idol off and on. It's sad. The one save rule is cruel. They have just been voted off then they are expected to sing for their lives while the judges decide if they are going to "save" them. Only to say "Nah, your going home anyway, you still suck." while the singer stands there looking terribly hopeful. Then they zero in on their face in hopes of catching a tear or two. Go ahead and give the title to the kid with the skinny jeans, black finger nails, and emo hairdo. Ha!


Angela said...

Your sewing machine is really cute!

Vanessa said...

I love the name Maveric!

And I felt bad for poor Jorge!! Simon can be so mean, so when he said "see ya" like he was so bored w/him, I wanted to cry!

jolt said...

Is your sewing machine really called a "pixie" or did you name her that?

smilemonsters said...

Haha, it's really called a Pixie. It says it right on the front. :)