Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"How To" Paint With Shaving Cream

You'll need:
Shaving cream, the cheaper the better
Food coloring
A pan/cookie sheet
Toothpicks or something to swirl your paint
Card stock

My pan had edges, I think that was helpful but not necessary.

Squirt out a pile of shaving cream on your pan. You don't need a lot. Then spread it out into a thin layer. I had a plastic spatula that worked well. Here you can practice your cake icing skillz.

Add drops of your food coloring randomly.

Swirl. Obviously the more you swirl the more your colors blend together. I wanted my blue and yellow to make green so I got crazy. I used a toothpick here but I really think something larger would have worked better. Like the end of a spatula or anything that the food coloring won't ruin. Try to make your swirls in the top of the shaving cream. You want your paint to float on top not mix in with the shaving cream.

Press your paper on to the shaving cream/food coloring mess. Gently, you don't need pressure here.

Gently lift off. I placed this onto another clean pan.

Use your squeegee, spatula, whatever your using to take off the excess shaving cream. I used the edge of my pan to clean off the excess each time I made a pass. My plastic spatula left drag marks. I didn't mind so much, as it adds to the design. I think if you used a squeegee here you wouldn't get the heavy drag marks like I did.

Lay your note cards over to the side to dry. I folded them over once they were dry. I didn't mind if some of the paint got on the back side of the note card. Also, be careful when pressing your note card into the shaving cream not to get paint inside.

Clean up was a snap. I ran my pan under hot water for a minute.

Be careful with your food coloring. As you know it dyes anything including fingers.

Here are my set of note cards. They came out with more of a tie-dye effect.

Another view.
I got four note cards out of one layer of shaving cream and paint. I actually liked the third and fourth ones better than the first. The design was more subtle.

Have fun!
A great project for your older kids.
Gift tags would be super cute.
School colors!
The paper holds the scent of the shaving cream, unscented would be the way to go if you don't want your project smelling manly.
Use a squeegee and gentle pressure for less drag marks.



Kim and Joe Armstrong AKA-VintageCreations4u said...

Hello. That is so cool!!! I am following your blog!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

This is one of my FAVORITE things to do with kids, so much fun, a blast to play in and smells great! I'll be linking.

Jessica Marie said...

this is such a cute idea :D

Hennergy Hand & Foot Spa said...

I LOVE shaving cream painting. I used to work at a children's museum and it was one of my favorite projects I always get the raspberry scented shaving cream from the $1 store and the paintings come out smelling lovely. I can't wait til my son is old enough to try this with.