Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's a cold, windy, rainy day here.

I think this will be my 365 today.

We did get a surprise in the mail! I won some sweet little kid-sized hand puppets from Kid-N-Around Creations. Here are the boys putting a dancing penguin show. Thank you Lori!

More mail! Karla of Zapoldesigns is my pen pal and she rocks! She sent a nice letter that was full of cool info, and a little zippy pouch that she made. I'll be getting to work on something for her. If you would like a pen pal of your own give me a shout. If I get multiple responses I'll pair some of ya up. Otherwise I could handle another pen pal or two. It's just fun saying you have a pen pal. No rules, just send letters, something you made, a card, whatever you would like to send to your new friend.

On this rainy day while I'm stuck in the house I should be doing productive things like filling out new life insurance forms, cleaning, crafting, or a long list of other things. Instead I goofed off and had a photo shoot with myself(with Hannah's camera!).

Okay, now I can't put off those forms any longer. They are a way to thick stack of papers setting here staring at me. I'll get right on that after a sandwich!


HanamiGallery said...

pen pals sounds like fun~ its always great to get things in the mail that isnt a bill! nice self portraits! i like them in black and white~

Estela said...

boo on bad weather!! I'm ready for the sun & warmth!
those penguin puppets are adorable!

Creative Coquette said...

Hee, I love your self photo shoot! :)

jennamichelle said...

Hey Jo! Wow...I am going to have Jimi Hendrix stuck in my head now for sure. haha. I wanted to let you know that I had to choose some bloggers to receive The Lemonade Award, & I chose you as one of them! Check out my blog to see what that's all about. Hope the weather gets better! Oh, & I love those cute penguin puppets!