Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mosaic Overload!

This is an abandoned house that is a cool place to take photos. I underestimated the creepy factor though. It really makes me wonder about this house. It gave me the willies. Like something sinister happened here or I'm just a big fraidy cat. I want to go back when I'm not alone, sometime.

1. WTJ, 2. WTJ, 3. WTJ, 4. WTJ

I did some journal wrecking today. It's been a little neglected, some journal love was in order.

1. Forest - Day 26, 2. Black and White Trees, 3. Forest, 4. Black & White Forest

These are the result of me taking my camera with me on this soggy, foggy morning.

If you like to take photos as much as I do check out this cool way to display them here.


Dirt. said...

there's no such thing as mosaic overload!!!

and what an incredible creepy old house that is.

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I LOVE the trees in the last mosaic. Really beautiful with the leaves on the ground.