Monday, March 30, 2009

Musical Monday - Phantom Planet

Love these guys style and they sound just as good in concert as they do in my car.
Phantom Planet

Musical Monday

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Amy said...

Never heard of this band before. I loved all of the colors. Have a great MOnday.

Margo said...

I've never heard of them either (but that doesn't mean much - I don't get out a lot) I love the story line of the video with the couple. Too funny. Have a great MM!

jori-o said...

Whwere can I get me a techni-colored bodysuit like that??! Talk about being fly! =)

elsiee said...

What a greaT discovery thanks for sharing them!! just discovered your blog on an etsy forum thread and I love it - I'm your latest follower!

come on over and visit me sometime:

Uniflame said...

LOL this video is really wacky ;)