Sunday, March 15, 2009

Musical Monday

Musical Monday

This week is a Texas two-fer and not a typical MM for me.

Bob Schneider's home base is Austin Texas. Captain Kirk makes me smile every time I hear it. I hear he puts on a great show and has lots of very loyal fans that have seen him play over and over. I'm looking forward to seeing Mr. Schneider myself, one of these days.

Doug Moreland is also a Texas guy. I'm not a fan of modern country but I like the old stuff. My grandparents were, in their younger years, very musical people. Grandpa played the guitar and fiddle, Grandma played the bass. I grew up around their music and The Doug Moreland Show sounds a lot like it.

If you find yourself at a Doug Moreland show you'll hear some Texas swing, Bob Wills covers, and some funny stories. Last time we even got to chat with a couple of the guys in the band, Mr. Moreland included and they are nice guys to boot!

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Cathy said...

that's really cool--I'll have to get a Moreland CD--my husband and I love Bob Wills and he does sound like him!

jori-o said...

Both good songs--that first video was cracking me up!

Robin said...

Cool! I'm kinda embarrassed to say I've never heard of either one of them! But I really liked both songs!
Happy MM!

Deb said...

very cool picks! l haven't heard of them, either!

Amy said...

Got to love Texas. I use to live there.

AMH615 said...

Doug Moreland's country doesn't sound like most modern country - probably why you like it! I'd love to see him in concert. DH would even enjoy, and he generally only likes old country too!