Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Stuff Friday

My ring box tute was featured over at Tip Junkie.
That was a bright spot in my day.


I dug a pair of jeans out of my closet that have spandex in them. Sounds like a good idea right? Butt hugging spandex in your denim.
They are weird, they fit weird, they get all stretchy and won't stay up. So, I was spotted around town today pulling my pants up.


I though I'd dash in the kids hair cut place and get the wee one a snip snip.
It's spring break all over the DFW metroplex so that makes any place remotely kid friendly crowded and miserable. They did a news story on the Fort Worth Zoo the other day. It was so packed on half price Wednesday that people waited in traffic for hours to enter the zoo parking lot. Madness, I tell ya.


Toys R Us made me happy today. Odd? Yes, but read on.
Maveric got one of those V-Smile Pocket video games for Christmas. It stopped working. We have the V-Motion and that isn't working either but that's another story. Anywho, Mom here kept the box but not the receipt. So I strolled into Toys R Us expecting to be told "No way are we taking that back". Wrong! The reason they ask for your phone number when you check out is for returns! They have when you bought it and what you bought in their system! One of the easiest returns I have ever made. Yay, Toys R Us!

One of my dear friends gave me some great compliments today on my blog. Man, can a compliment go a loooooong way. Compliment someone this weekend. Anyone. I dare ya.

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Sarah Jane said...

Compliments make a huge difference! I was paying some out to deserving Etsy artists earlier today. :D