Tuesday, March 24, 2009

While Cruising The Web......

I found this.

I have a strange love for robots. My favorite movie at the moment is Wall-e. I've seen it more that an adult probably should. But hey, the kids like it so I have to watch too. Right?

Anywho, Marshall Alexander is a graphic designer/illustrator. That robot up there is his design printed on a tee. He specializes in designing paper toys. His site is full of free downloads so you can make your own little paper toys. Like the robot up there!

All these guys are there too!

We did print out the robot and folded him up. He was a little challenging but the result in the end was a good one. He lives in Hannah's room now.

Have fun!


Beth said...

That is great! My oldest is just getting into robots; we will have to try the paper activity.

Soldier without a War said...

wow! I am in love with robots and now your blog! Yay!! we can exchange cool robot stuff :)

Malissa said...

I love those! My little boy will love to go to that site and check it out! Thanks.