Monday, April 13, 2009


Cascarones are egg shells filled with confetti that you crack over the heads of your friends and family. Fun right? They are a Mexican tradition for Easter as well as other holidays.

Having one of them cracked over your head is supposed to be good luck!

This is what happens if the egg cracker is bigger than you.

This confetti wasn't so hard to get out of your hair. I think the boys may still have some of the smaller confetti in their hair!
I didn't make these particular eggs. They were made for the boys. They are super easy to make and fun too. You just have to over look the large mess they make. Maybe the good luck is worth it.


melly~ said...

love the last shot of the confetti'd chucks. :)
nice place you got here. i'll be back.

AmberLee said...

Ole! You are a good mom. My daughter mentioned these but when she didn't bring them up again I decided not to remind her. But your pretty pics makes me kinda wish we had done it!