Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chalk Board Paint Rocks "How To"

This is so easy it's more of a "Look what I did, guys!" instead of a "How To".

While shopping the crafty store the other day I stumbled on chalk board paint in colors. Sweet! Before I had only seen black.

Then I found this while thrifting. 2 bucks for the beautiful green tray with fruit and flowers on it. Some sand paper, spray primer, and my chalk board paint.

I sanded my tray pretty good. Heavy grit first then a finer grit.

Two thin coats of primer.

Then two coats of the chalk board paint with a foam brush. Letting it dry an hour between coats. Then 24 hours for the paint to cure.
I have red accents in my kitchen so this goes great. The color is brighter than I expected. Once it is all chalked up it will tone down a bit.
The result makes me happy! Now what else can I turn into a chalk board around here.


Christine said...

What a fun idea! I'm a little sad that you painted over that pretty flowered tray though, haha :(

♥ xtine

Jingle said...

Great idea!

SimplyTaylored said...

Thanks for sharing that... I have always been curious to know how well that worked!!!

HanamiGallery said...

awesome idea using a plate! i also didnt know they came in awesome colors like red!!

DolceBaci said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

DV- Rebecca L. said...

Good Job, so cute