Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Flop And More

Well, I'm going to declare my PIF Give Away an official flop. So I'm gonna flip this flop. All four of you super ladies that commented will be receiving something crafty from me. How bout that?! Then you must PIF on your blogs. I'll be contacting you sweet gals for your addresses.

Here we are at the concert Friday night.
This is what I came away with from the evening.

1. Sitting in the upper deck sucks.
2. When the floor sways with the dancing teens on that upper deck I don't like it, a lot.
3. Teenage girls that scream for no reason(between sets) makes me wonder how their parents stand them.
4. It also makes me want to slap them.
5. Scads of concert goers have no fashion sense what so ever. I already knew this info but it was re-affirmed. I'm talking about the adults that were there!
6. Mr. 50 Cent is entertaining for about 30 seconds. Then all the songs and moves are the same. Sorry, Mr. Cent.
7. Now I can say I have been to a rap concert. Or a rock concert that for some reason let a rapper do a set.
8. The girls are now old enough that if I don't have a particular like for the performer, they can be dropped at the front door and picked up when it's over.
9. I still like rock concerts.
10. See that shirt I'm wearing in the photo. The sweet washed out pink ultra soft t-shirt with a crown on it. It's from Etsy of course. Circular Accessories for it and many other cool designs.

Enjoy your Sunday for Monday is sneaking up on us all.


Angela said...

Too funny!

Mr. Cent = LOL

TiLT said...

Love the list!
I haven't been to a real rock convert in like...gee, oldest is almost 14...oh, 15 years :)...more like since the 80s...sounds like they are about the same. Except I may have been one of the screamy teens back then - hope not :P