Sunday, April 26, 2009

Holy Weekend Batman

This weekend was a tiring but fun one. Husband is a hunter. He took the boys and I to his hunting lease. We loaded up some stuff, moved things, and goofed off.

Here is the winding road to the hunting lodge. Which is really a super old crusty house where.......

things like this hang on the wall.

My trusty chucks got me though.

We did see lots of these. I wish this photo was better but it's not.

We road around the property in husband's old green dream of a ride. The best part is I drove it too. It's quite rustic but the boys liked bumping around in it. Old green stays at the lease year round, she doesn't get to come home with us! Before Hannah turned 16 we used to tell her old green would be her sweet 16 car. Which she didn't think was all that funny, but we did.

It was a great, tiring, dirty, family weekend.
FYI: There is nothing better than a shower in your own shower after a weekend like this one.


Angela said...

I always drag my feet when my husband wants to do something like that...but, we always end up having the best time!

Hollyrocks said...

That actually looks like a lot of fun! My guy is dying for a shotgun and some hunting buddies. I guess staying in the house and watching movies with me on the weekends is not quite manly enough for him, lol.